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Super Visa Insurance

Are you a Canadian citizen or permanent resident with parents and grandparents living overseas? If so, your relatives may be clever to get Super Visa Insurance. This insurance is for parents plus grandparents of Canadian nation and enduring residents to appointment their children in Canada. These persons may be eligible to be relevant for the Parent plus ancestor Super Visa to call their children in Canada for awake to two years by no the require to renovate their rank.

The applicants, however, need to meet certain requirements and this is where my agency comes in. To get a Parent or ancestor wonderful Visa for Canada, applicant comprise to have valid insurance. That is, Super Visa application need to provide evidence that they have confidential medical cover from a Canadian cover company suitable for a smallest amount of one year. This insurance must:

  • Cover health care, hospitalization, plus repatriation
  • Provide a minimum reporting of $100,000
  • Be valid for every entry to Canada plus on hand for evaluation by a port of way in officer

Sounds technical? Worry not, let my agency take care of this for you. We will get the work done. That is what we are here for. We don’t just look out for your immediate family, we take care of your parents and grandparents too.

Additional benefits:

  • Monthly/ Annual Plans
  • Full return if visa denied
  • Partial return if parents leave early

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