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Drug & Dental Insurance

Drug & Dental Insurance is also known as Personal Health Insurance. This kind of insurance reduces your level of expenses for preventive care, or medical bills resulting from an illness or accident.

If you are employed, your employer will provide you with this kind of coverage. However, bear in mind that it will never be enough. The coverage provided to you will not cover certain things. If something happens, you may be forced to upfront expenses for certain kinds of medical examinations, prescriptions, aftercare and equipment.

If you are not directly employed, it is advisable that you take out a plan to cover yourself and your family.

In addition, anything can happen anywhere. You may fall ill, or be injured while traveling, and depending on where you are, you may not be able to access certain kinds of health care facilities and their services without medical insurance.

Again, leave nothing to chance. Cover all your bases. If you are already on your employer’s health plan, get additional coverage. You never can tell when your employer’s health plan may cease.

Come and let my agency assess your situation and determine what coverage you need. We will take it from there.

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