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Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness refers to those illnesses, such as cancer, stroke and heart disease. To recover from these illnesses requires significant resources, and puts a lot of strain financially and emotionally on your family.

Come in and let us chart out what you would need to pay if you developed a critical illness. Let us put in place a plan of action with critical illness insurance. This will protect you against any of these kinds of illnesses for the duration of time that you may become ill, and give you a lump-sum cash payment afterward. This is better than a reimbursable health insurance benefit as to how you spend this money is your decision.

Let us examine your family’s health history and take a look at your current situation and determine:

  • What range of illnesses your insurance will cover?
  • The dollar value of your coverage.
  • Who will benefit along with your, whether spouse and/or child and to what dollar value?
  • The level of premium that will ensure that you get adequate long-term coverage.

Guard yourself against the negative effects of disability to cope with a critical illness to chance. Ensure that your personal business is covered at all ends.

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